The Nordic road network is the bloodstream for big cities and backwoods. And transports that connect the country, companies and people, must reach their destination without delay. With around the clock support and almost 300 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, we make sure you get the right service at the right time, no matter where you are. Our service fleet is well-equipped and has all the spare parts needed for time-efficient help on-board. It’s natural for us, and a reassurance to our customers.


No matter where you are, it won’t be far from one of our service cars. With an extensive range of spare parts, we can help out quickly. It’s a guarantee for you and your customer. Our experienced technicians are trained and certified and can fix problems according to your needs and wishes.
After your contact with our service department, we give you first aid via remote services. We have high accessability that gives you assistance on time.

Construction and project

We assume overall responsibility when we build fuel stations. Our commitment runs like a common thread from design and building permits to assembly and installation. Transparency and open dialogue are given throughout the whole process.
We fulfil business standards in all critical areas and have through the years built everything from full-scale service stations to smaller fuel facilities.
Our experienced project managers make sure that your project is a success from the first contact to ready facility. From change of products and re-branding to bigger installations. We coordinate all necessary contacts and make sure that the project follows set time plans.


Verification of flow meters for other fluids than water and verification of vapour transfer systems/gas recirculation systems a part of our everyday. We check additive systems, temperature sensors and do special safety controls for road tankers.
In the workshop, we service and repair equipment and can offer new and refurbished flow meters for depots and road tankers.
We’re one of two national (Sweden) actors accredited to verify oil meters for delivery to end customers. Our equipment is adapted to verification of meters for service stations, refuelling facilities, road tankers, chemical industries, and airports.

Stefan NordahlBusiness Manager, Station
010-456 58 02
Göran JidellService Manager
010-456 58 33
Claes HedlundConstruction, North Sweden
010-456 59 02
Johan Eklöf Construction, Central/South Sweden
010-456 59 46
Niklas BergmanBusiness Manager, Verification
010-456 58 36