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Over the years, we have grown and expanded, and today we have representatives in all the Nordic countries. We aim to be a Nordic maintenance and service partner for both the traditional liquid fuels sector and the growing segment of E-mobility.

Our history

  • Our journey begins

    In 1917 engineer F. Wennström becomes the owner of Bergvalls metal foundry in Kungsör outside Eskilstuna. When moving to central Stockholm some years later, the company is renamed F. Wennströms Gjuteri och Metallfabrik (foundry and metal factory) and specialises in the manufacturing of couplings and valves.

  • Standardisation of a complete industry

    In the beginning of the sixties, Wennstrom delivers couplings to all major oil companies. In 1964 we are the driving force in the standardisation of couplings in gas stations, resulting in the commonly adopted FW125 and FW135 screw fittings for the 4-refilling system.

  • First contact with Wayne

    Ljungmans Verkstäder was a metal shop that also repaired ships. When Texaco placed an order for a device to distribute fuel, the model for the modern gas pump was born. In 1934 Ljungmans Verkstäder had manufactured and sold 6,000 dispensers in the Nordic countries. During the 2nd World War and when motoring had its breakthrough, the company expanded rapidly and began developing flow meters and pumps for depots and road tankers.
    In 1986 Wennstrom buys the mobile division of Ljungmans Verkstäder from Dresser Wayne. It’s the beginning of a close collaboration between Wennstrom and Wayne (now part of Dover Fueling Solutions). It also means the Wennstrom product portfolio with PD-meters and gear pumps for road tankers and depots.

  • From open landscapes to mountains and fjords

    We say “Hei” and take our first steps abroad by establishing of our Norwegian subsidiary.

  • A market revolution

    Our patented system, FlowCheck, revolutionizes the market for electronic gas separators. At the time, gas separators were heavy, bulky and mechanical. Furthermore, they always had some petrol or diesel left in them, resulting in involuntary mixtures when changing product. With FlowCheck it became possible to monitor the fuel flow electronically and accurately and stop the delivery when air was detected in the flow. FlowCheck was smaller than its predecessors, and it was possible to place it lower down on the road tanker increasing the fall in height for gravity deliveries. FlowCheck is followed by other in-house systems for level detection and metering – products that, together with FlowCheck, give us a strong position for equioment för petroleum road tankers in Sweden.

  • We look to the east to Finland

    Wennstrom enters Finland by acquiring Tam Tam Varuste, one of the leading suppliers of mechanical equipment for road tankers and service stations in Finland.

  • Establishment in South Africa

    And south to Africa turns out to be a perfect market for FlowCheck thanks to high demands on theft protection and metering accuracy.

  • Current owners take the next step

    Ulf and Kerstin Ekelund acquire the Wennstrom group through Ekelund Invest.

  • In (almost) all the Nordic countries

    Wennstrom increases it´s presence in the Nordics with the acquisition of Dresser Wayne’s sales and service organisations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. As a result, we grow to nearly 100 field technicians and become one of Northern Europe’s largest suppliers of services and maintenance for fuel stations.

  • Now building sites too!

    In Skellefteå, we establish Wennstrom Entreprenad AB, specialists in drawing, constructing and adapting fuel stations in northern Sweden.

  • Spotless in Denmark

    Now with 200 employees, we form Wennstrom Wash Systems joins us in Denmark, with complete wash systems for cars, trucks, buses and trains from Christ.

  • The fossil-free future

    We become the majority owner in Wennstrom Net AS when Wennstrom Fuel Systems AS and Norsk Energiteknikk AS merge. Wennstrom Net AS is at the forefront of E-mobility in Norway and has a nationwide service organisation.

  • New members in the Wennstrom Group

    In early summer, Wennstrom buys ELPM in Mariestad, Sweden. It means an increased focus on both E-mobility and construction. And in the autumn, Dansk El & Teknik and 30 electricians in Odense, Denmark, become a part of the Wennstrom Group.

  • E-mobility in Finnish?

    Sähköhovi becomes part of our Finnish operations enabling us to move into price signs, wash system installations and maintenance, and, of course, e-mobility. We now have the Nordics covered when it comes to e-mobility!

Quality and sustainability

Our mission
With openness, commitment and accessibility, we will make a positive difference to the environment and safety around fuel transports in the Nordics.

Our vision
We want to be the natural choice when it comes to investments and maintenance of sustainable fuels. Together with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we shall improve the Nordic environment for future generations.

We want to fulfil expectations and requirements by constantly working with improvements that add noticeable value, so our customers prefer us to others.
We always strive to reduce our environmental footprint – a work characterised by a holistic approach, understanding and participation. Our values are based on care, respect for the individual and equality. We are convinced that it will lead to well-being, development and results. By integrating sustainability in our business model, we will secure added value over time.

Join us

Take part and lead the transition to a sustainable future
Do you want to shape the future? Join us! At Wennstrom, you can grow and develop. With innovative thinking, committed and responsible colleagues, we can lead the transition to smart solutions for charging and refilling of electricity and fuels. Welcome to our inspiring world!

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With broad knowledge comes strength
We have a broad Nordic presence with nationwide networks of service technicians.

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