Complete Solutions
Complete Solutions is a consulting company employing architects and engineers and provides project management for the completion of buildings in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. In the product portfolio are, amongst other things, refuelling sites, car washes, industry installations, riding arenas, industrial tanks and single-family houses. The firm handles everything from 3D visualizations to government processing and fire consultancy.  The company is located in Klejtrup, between Hobro and Viborg, and has existed since 2018 and is specialized in turnkey contracts.

Wennstrom Group AB
The Wennstrom Group with more than 300 employees, is a leading supplier of solutions and services for storage, distribution and refuelling of electricity and fuel at filling stations, as well as wash systems, in the Nordics. The company, founded in 1917, has service technicians throughout Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Wennstrom has, in addition to Complete Solutions, a majority stake in three companies in Denmark: Wennstrom Solutions & Service (liquid fuels) with headquarters in Herning, Wennstrom Wash Systems (wash) with headquarters in Køge and Dansk El & Teknik (e-mobility) with headquarters in Odense.