Control and Verification

We are one of two companies that have accreditation to verify flow meters for liquids other than water delivering to end consumers. Our equipment is designed for control measurement of oil meters at petrol stations, depots, tankers, chemical industry and airports.

In addition, we perform checks of vapour recovery systems.


Service & Sales

In our workshop we can repair flow meters, calculators, preset-registers, air separators, valves, encoders, pumps and other measuring equipment. We work with well-known brands such as Ljungmans, Wennström, Smith, TCS, Petrol, Alfons Haar, Avery Hardoll, Siemens, LC, SATAM, Sampi, Bopp & Reuther, etc. and have a large stock of spare parts.

Typical customers are oil companies, hauliers, chemical and paint industries, shipping and bunkering companies, service stations and airports.

Wennstrom offers both new and refurbished meters as well as most peripherals. We can deliver meters with flanges from 1-16″ in steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

We also have most of the peripheral equipment for meters such as mechanical and electronic counters, air separators, presetters, encoders, pumps, etc.

If you have a meter that needs to be verified, serviced or repaired, contact us.

Richard Olsson

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