Refuelling at Norwegian marina

Wennstrom in Norway has just completed the installation of a new refuelling site at Joker Hasselvika Marina in Rissa. The floating dock is 40 m long and 8 – 10 m wide, 5 m deep with a 20 m long gangway, and weighs over one thousand tons!

Technicians from Wennstrom Norway received a update training course covering the new features of Dealex version Stella from colleagues in Finland. Thereafter they performed the installation and configuration on site.

The 2” plastic suction pipes are approximately 40 m long and installed with an anti-siphon valve. The dispenser is fed via 10m 1 ½” plastic pipe and 35 m 1 ½” steel pipe. Petrol is dispensed via a 12 m long ¾” hose at 36 lpm, diesel via a 10m long 1” hose at 55 lpm!

Wennstrom has delivered and installed the hose reels complete with hoses, piping and valves, a Wayne Global Century dispenser and Wayne’s iX Pay secure payment platform.