Wennstrom electrifies Gothenburg bus traffic

There is full activity in Gothenburg to achieve the set goal of being able to operate Gothenburg’s public transport by electric buses. In December 2020, 145 new buses are expected to roll out in public transport, 100% powered by electricity.

As part of an environmental work that is ongoing in the entire transport sector, Gothenburg’s public transport will from December 2020 be served by electric buses. Responsible for the entire project is Transdev Sverige AB, which during the summer won the procurement of 5 contracts for bus traffic in Gothenburg.

This is the starting shot for Sweden’s largest electric bus project; The contracts in Gothenburg include traffic in southwest Gothenburg, regular bus traffic in Gothenburg, express bus traffic and traffic in Mölndal and Partille. A total of three depots for charging will be built in Partille, Kville and Mölndal.

As a contractor, Wennstrom is responsible for building the infrastructure for the depots with everything from cabling to installation of the charging stations and commissioning. It is about ensuring that the right amount of electric power is available to be able to charge the electric buses.

“We are very proud of the confidence to be able to build the infrastructure for Transdev and that is the start of our investment in electrification in the transport sector. “ Says Andreas Holmgren, Head of E-mobility & Hydrogen at Wennstrom.

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Andreas Holmgren
Head of E-mobility & Hydrogen
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