Wennstrom Group’s Finnish branch has acquired the business operations of Sähköhovi Oy on 1 June 2021. Based in southeast Finland, Sähköhovi’s core business areas include the construction and renovation of refuelling sites, electrical work, car wash machines and illuminated signs. The acquisition continues the strategic policy of the Nordic Wennstrom Group of expanding its operations into new energy forms and related supplementary services.

The Finnish branch of the Wennstrom Group, specialized in intelligent energy solutions, expands its geographical presence in Finland and strengthens its expertise in new business areas with the transaction completed on 1 June.

  • This acquisition supports our long-term goals and helps us further develop our expertise and respond to future demand, especially in terms of e-mobility. It is important for the transportation sector to also find and use alternative forms of energy, and electricity plays an important role in this, comments Otto Valtonen, CEO of Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy.

Wennstrom and Sähköhovi share a long history as the companies have collaborated on various projects in several business fields along the years. The competence profiles of the two companies complement each other effectively, and since the operations are geographically fairly separate, field work will continue unchanged after the sale. The administrative operations of the companies do not involve substantial overlap either. In the acquisition, Sähköhovi’s employees will become Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy’s employees and maintain their existing employment status.

  • Our combined business operations will bring major synergy which will benefit both our customers and staff. Wennstrom has a long history and strong expertise, especially as regards forecourt meters, as well as their own imports. This will also improve the stability and continuity of our operations. From now on, we will be even closer to our customers and secure a more even workload for our technicians, says Mikael Laine, CEO of Sähköhovi.

The customers of both companies will continue to receive service on the same high level as previously. Going forward, the customers will also get to benefit from Wennstrom’s extended services, both in terms of geography and specialty fields.